Product Application / Industry
Polyester Resins (UP), Vinylester Resins, Gelcoats, Additives Composites (GFK, CFK, leightweight), Coatings
Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Reactive Diluents, Additives Composites (GFK, CFK, leightweight), Coatings, Electro
SMC Composites (GFK)
Glasfibre Products: Mats, Roving, Chopped Strands, Milled Fibres, Fabrics Composite (GFK), Thermoplastic Compounds
Carbon-Fibre Prepregs Composite (CFK)
Carbon Fibre Tapes Composite (CFK), Medical and Industrial Use
Fabrics made of Glasfibres/Aramid/Carbon Fibres, Prepregs, CETEX and DYNEEMA-plates Advanced Composites, Ballistics
Flame Retardants like Cyanurates, SnZn-Oxides, Phosphorous Compounds Thermoplast Compounds and Masterbatches, UP, Epoxy, PVC
Fumed Silica Gel Coats, Composites (GFK, CFK), Coatings
Machinery (Gelcoats, Spray-up, Infusion) Composites (GFK, CFK), PU-parts, Coatings

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