Product Application / Industry
Inorganic Products of Iodine, Copper, Tin, Zinc General Chemistry, Life Science, Photo
Plasticizers, Solvents (e.g. Acetates) Flavour, Paints, Coatings, Adhesives, Lube Oil, Priting Inks
Sodium, Sodiumperoxide, Vanadium-Derivatives Synthesis with alcohol-, ether-, carbonyl-, nitrogen- and hydrocarbon-compounds
Chlorine, Acetonitrile Chem. Synthesis in Agro, Life Science, Chemicals
Potassium and Sodium based products Chem. Synthesis, Life Science, Pigments, Glas, Cleaning Agents, Batteries
Maleic Anhydride, NPG, TMA Polyester Resins, Alkyd Resins, General Chemical Applications
Various Specialties Organic Synthesis

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